abandoned factory 1 /C

This factory we have explored on our ABANDONED places tour ’14 in the south-east of Germany. This place we have found early in the morning od DAY 6. Your can find HERE some other interesting phots of this location. The day of our visit we’ve has excellent light. The narrow  windows on the left side created amating light structures.                   .    The main part of the factory was a big hall with an traveling overhead crane under the ceiling. The hanging chains exposed to the sunlight gave a nice contrast to the old walls.               …

Dark Arts @ The Verge

Proudly announcing, that the online magazine “THE VERGE” has applied my photo “white cat” to the article “Dark Arts – Meet the architects of Tumblr’s cyberpunk renaissance“. The photo has taken in TOKYO in the area of Shibuya. It’s processed with NIK’s SilverEffex.

Abandoned Toiano-Palaia

It started by asking a local guy about interesting places. We where standing on a hill in Italian’s Toscany watching the landscape at that time. I saw on the horizon and abandoned farm. Asking him about it he told me about some more locations similar. It was Toiano-Palaia. See here:   The next phot I had posted already on FLICKR. It was the one with the most “clicks” I ever got for a photo there: in Nv. 2013 about 18200!!! Have a look: The village Toiano-Palaia has for some reasons it’s own facebook page. I was there about 5am and was able to see the sun rise out of the …

Taipei Impressions

I hvae just visited Taipei / Taiwan (Republic of China / ROC). It was a new experience for me as I havn’t been there before. The city and people seem to be more japanese then chinese (what personally I have appreciated). Taipei is a very exciting, clean and diversified city. A lot of culture can be found there. For example impressive for me were two exhibitions I have seen in the Museum of fine Arts: – The Images of Chang Chao-Tang, 1959-2013 – Imminent Sounds:Falls and Crossings by Grame More Taipei Impressions on [OOM]      


      Are they going to review those photos ever? Do you want to know what type of photos they are taking – see here For me amazing is the new way of taking the shots. In the past the view through the ocular, then next the view on the little, tiny display of the pocket cameras…. and today the look to thew tablet as you can see above.


  This 3D GRID is a skeleton of an abandoned factory. I don’t know what huhge construction this was for, but it’s spectacular to see and take photos. Have a look to the complete series (part 1) here.