3 thoughts on “Sicily – abandoned Monastery

  1. Hi,

    Im a beginning artist…I paint relidious realistic art on old funiture. I recently finished a nice peace on a antique closet.
    To promote my art on the internet im looking for a nice picture as a background for my art.
    And….I came accros your lovely photo´s of the abonded monestry. Its a very nice photo…good job!
    Any change I can use your photo as a background?
    I will promote your name everywere I post my art…?
    looking forward to hear from you.

  2. Good afternoon, Christian!
    During my search of abandoned places in Sicily I came across your site

    In particular, I was very attracted by an abandoned monastery in Sicily.

    For several years already I have been fond of photography of abandoned places in Russia and Europe (please see my recent protoes: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/urbexalexdoomer/), so your colorful place attracted me especially. Well preserved building, stucco and paintings. As soon as I saw it, I decided to look for it, but the search did not lead to anything (I found a similar chapel in Scicli, but it is worse preserved). I understand that this is a monastery chapel, and it stands somewhere near the abandoned village of Borgo Giuliano on Grief, and that a tree grows from the front.

    I would be very grateful if you could tell me where this chapel is. In turn, I am ready to offer assistance in finding abandoned places in Russia or Europe.

    Best regards, Alexey.

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