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D&D:2views – what the heck does that mean????

….have a look to this special project page, which is a first launch in 2015 after running the project since ~2011.

D&D are:

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Derived from the Book “Emma im Knopfland” from Ulrike Rylance we have realized the “Hippiehouse”
(click the following picture to run the video)


Vistiting and Exploring Borstei


Searching Autum 5/15

Not only the nature changes when the autum is comming, also the city. In Munich a special event comes up each fall. Have a look:




















Objects in M&D 4/15

This project has been performed in two different locations 9900km or 11 1/2hr flying away from each other at the same time. The objects to be found and captured have been agreed upfront and documented in an action-plan.

Have a look to the project page of “Objects in M&D

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Construction of a ship 3/15

To build a ship you need an engineer, who is planning and workers, who built it. Have a close look!

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Searching Spring 3/15

…..on a tour through the ‘English Garden” and the downtown of Munich.

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Working lot Leopoldstrasse 1/15

Exploring a big working lot on the ex- Metro and Holiday-Inn ground.

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I (Chris) have expored this are during the demolition phase of the previous buildings: R.I.P Holiday-Inn

Even my group of artists – LE4EL – has performed the famous project ‘bullaugenblues‘ there.


Around the cubes 3/13

In 2013 the “Pinakothek der Moderne” in Munich was closed for renovation. During that time, an interessting pavillion was set up for exhibition and information as it’s own arts project.

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Train Station report

N[A]S & [OOM] 2012


Ace reporter

N[A]S & [OOM] 2011



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