SWEDEN – FINLAND – tour ’14

A dream became true (partially). I was able to make a trip through Sweden, little Norway and Finland on my own within alsmost two weeks. Was driving 8746.3km within this time. You can imagine, how much impressions I have picked up. Now, almust three years later, I’m completeing my photo works. Thise page should give you a rough impressions what I’ve seen and – give an impression about the spectaculare nature of scandinavia. Unfortunately (!) I’ve lost my trip diary, so I only can roughly recapitulate the details and locations.

DAY 1: The way from Munich to Fehmarn

It’s a trip of more than 900km, I did in one turn, starting very early in Munich, having a hot tea on the motorway somewhere to  enjoy the sunset at the cost of the east sea.


DAY 2: Crossing Denmark and heading to the south of Sweden

Since some years it is possible to cross the Oresund – the sea between Denmark and Sweden via a huge Tunnel and Bridge construction. Other exciting bridges are on the way. My visit in Sweden started with a sightseen in the city of Malmö.


DAY 2: SPECIAL – an grave yard for abandoned cars: RYD

Even iof don’t like abandoned things – have a look here: The nature is taking back slowley a lot of cars from the 1950’s.


DAY 3: Asnen – Kayak trip on the southern lakes

With my rubber kayak I’ve made a tour through the great wilderness of the southern lakes. Have a look to the photes of a great nature in a perfect light


DAY 4: Norra Kvill

A hill with incredible old oaks with a special mood. Even the Wikings have celebrated already their holy tratitions there.


Day 4: Norrköping

This beatiful city (even when it doesn’t look alike on the photo below) is a very good example how a lost industrial era can be turned into a high quality of life. The city didn’t demonlish the old industrial building where mainly textiles have been produced. Instead they have turned the buildings into a mix of technology campus, university, bars and lofts. All bildings are standing in a water landscape as the previos industry was dependent on it. –> Worth to visit!


Day 5: Siljan – Österladälven

This day, I’ve made a gain a lot of kilometers, pasing by Stockholm and heading up to the middle of Sweden.


DAY 6: Dalstugan – Fulifjället – Njupeskärs

Hiking tours through swomps, waterfalls and wild forests – enjoying the wide sky.


DAY 7: Rogen – the famous national park

The Rogen is a spectacular area between Sweden and Norway with steep mountains touching the clouds and wild lakes and forests.


DAY 8: Ansättans and Oldflan

Another long ride to get cloder to the north. Wide landscapes, gravel roads, dears, waterfalls….and lakes for your own.


DAY 9: Korallgrottan, SKY & ROAD

Spectacular nature & light !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DAY 10: a swing through Norway

I’ve crossed the mountains to go down to Mo-i-Rana to the fjord Ranfjorden. Mo-i-Rana is of the cities, I have visited already during my Interrail tour 1986 (!!!) – Have a look to my transparencies scans!. It was a very rainy day, but exciding to cross the continent in one day to tast the water of the North Sea.


DAY 11: Kungsleden

A tour to the starting point Kvikkjokk. From there is a short access to the Kungsleden path up on the plateau. Arriving there an spectacular view over the wide landscape to the eat can be enjoyed.


DAY 12- 14: following soon

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