The project "Windows to the World" is a joint Activity between UBIUM, DINGS, D40OOM and various supporters*. We are merging photo arts, music, technology, and science with gaming and learning. The installation is present in March 2016 in selected windows of Kauppahalli on the main square in the city of Joenssuu / Finland. We are demonstrating with our version of the "Simon" - Game the wide field how to make education and information transfer attractive and sustainable. We want to give the people of Joensuu, located in North Karelia, 400km north of Helsinki and close to the Russian border, the chance to observe the big wide world, just by looking into the shopping windows of Kauppahalli. My intension selecting the art works is to show the strong contrast between the local civilisation and nature with few people, small cities, preserved nature and silence versus other regions in the world in strong contrast to that.



Technology - what a wide spectrum inbetween software and hardware. How to make technology visible? Showing bits, moulecules, flow diagrams, electronics, materials, cars, bridges, cells....? Most of the time, today, the technology is even not visible anymore. But, the technology is present all-over behind each element in physical or virtual condition. I have decided to represent the technlogy in the classic way, as it was already present a century ago: the impressive cranes in the harbour of Helsinki. They are not only consisting of technology, they are also transporting technology to the people, such as the containers from overseas with technology goods inside.


Yes, this is the nature! That's how you can find it in the city of Shanghai / China with the impressive Huangpu river and a tiny rim of green in some corners. The river carries a massive amount of yellow-brown water from the mainland into the Chinese Sea. On the river, many boats and even big container ships passing by this mega-city. On both sides of the river the vibrant quarters just separated by the famous 'bund', a kind of boulevard for the people to enjoy the skyline.



This photo has been taken in Tokyo / Japan from a skyscraper in the area of Shinagawa. As opposited to mostly flat Finnish cities, the topology in Tokyo is really 3-dimensional: Buildings of >100 floors close to each other, main streets and train tracks inbetween passing by on the level of 3rd-5th floor. On the 2nd-3rd floor bridges and crossing-free walkways for the pedestrian enabling them heading always with dry shoes between shopping malls, train stations and their offices. Beneath still little houses (mouse-homes). On the ground level small streets, little soup kitchens, shops and the crowds of people.



Here the crowds of people: This photo has ben taken in Taipei / Taiwan. On such a small square are passing by just within a few minutes the complete amount of people living typically in a Finnish town. This photo is in itself already a window to the world. Have a close look and search the details: On the left top, the nature; In the middle, the world; On the bottom, the technology and all over the crowds. The link to Finland is the calmness pole in the center: The lady with her little booth.
The Music is by "CassisB" from the album "Flypaperthin" which is derived from the movie "Boxerin".
Song: "Heartbeat" Song: "Fly Paper Sexy" Song: "Underground Floating" Song: "Driving Forever"
UBIUM and DINGS are standing for:
*Ubium (Project owener, Joensuu/ Finland) Sie-expressions (Graphic Design, Munich/ Germany) DINGS (Electronics, Munich/ Germany) D40OOM (Photos, Munich / Germany) Cassisb (Music, New York/ USA) City of Joensuu / Finland Fear4Electronics Kuvanmaailma Joenkilpituote