Abandoned Places Tour ’16

We did another great trip to various abandoned locations in the north of Bavaria and Thuringia / Germany. On this page, I’ll show you some impessions and – where possible, some background information about them. This is limited, because the location itself, I don’t want to publish, as there are too many people destroying the places.

So far, the page is under construction, as I have ~1000 photos to digest. So come back and check out the updates. If you want to enjoy other photos from exciding abandoned locations, have a look into the page

URBEX exploring

Below following the photos and infos about the locations

  • Ceramic Factory
  • Carpet Factory
  • Holy Place
  • Sanatorium
  • Crypt
  • Stasi-House ?!
  • Little Hotel (…where the maids are jumping)

Ceramic Factory

Color Series – Ceramic Factory:_MG_4400 This screw soup has been found in one of the caramic factories of the Arzberg group. On there web page is an interesting youtube image video showing also historic ceramic manufacturing process.  I’m not really sure about, but I think those sequences have been taken in that abandoned factory.


-Bearbeitet-60B/W series – Ceramic Factory: The factory was ful of the shapes to make the ceramic pots and plates, etc. Here a nice example of the item and it’s shape.

Carpet Factory


_MG_4792Color Series – Carpet Factory: Even when this location was not so attractive, various little items and corners had some interesting details. Have a look…




-Bearbeitet-87BW Series – Carpet Factory


Carpet Marketing

Exploring the building some historic marketing instruments from a falf century can be found.
Compare with todays marketing activities

















Holy Place


To have sufficient support on our dangerours tour, we have visted a little church. Have a look to it.



And ….you will not believe… it was recognized by the guy up there!




| COL | SW |

In the country side, far away from any bigger city, hidden in a small forest, we’ve found a small sanatorium. The wind was blowing through the building, making scary noises. Or maybe it was not only the wind – it isn’t able to move old heavy wheel-chairs….

bearbeitet-67 bearbeitet-28












This is the Mausoleum of the Family Kork-Schönfeld. Surprisingly there seems to be nothing about the int the internet. Only the name ‘Schönfeld‘ is present and links in Wiki to a family present in Saxony/East Germany, which would fit to the location.  This big Crypt is standing in a very small, almost abandoned village – time has changed.bearbeitet-82

It seems that it has ben accessible in the past. Today it is closed with heavy metal grids (what is good).

There are two small sets of photos:

|| SW || COL ||


Stasi-House ?!

Not sure, if is was a house of East Germany’s STASI. What makes me thinking, it could be, were two rooms still full of files (see photos). Another thing is a room of strange communication units and battery powered supply.

Have a look into this house, almost breaking down already … || SW || COL ||

bearbeitet-101 _mg_5154 bearbeitet-104 _mg_5174



Little Hotel (…where the maids are jumping)

Next to the Stasi-House, there is a little hotel hidden in the forst. Cold, humid inside and full of mildew. Another surprising finding were the newspapers from the time of the german re-union end 80ies early 90ies. The articles there still are representing the time of the GDR. Reading them today, they might be an explanation why so many people are joning the right extreme groups  in east germany: The newspapers at that time, and before in the time of the GDR spended more heartiness to the people. The politically controlled jounalists transported the directed pink-washed messages of the regime into the peoples minds.
I guess most of the people following groups such as the AfD are missing this type of cozy, small and easy to understand world…

Nevertheless, have a look back into the past…. || SW || COL || ROOMS ||

By the way, guess why ” the maids are jumping” there?

bearbeitet-22 bearbeitet-17 img_5208_09_10 bearbeitet-11



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