Destillery – Rotten Posters

This post is an addendum to the Abandoned Places Tour ’14, specifically the abandoned destillery in the north of Bavaria. In the explored destillery, I have found some old posters and photos which I’ve found today in my shelf. I took photos from them. Find here the Rotten Posters.

ABANDONED places tour 2014

Easter ’14, sligthtly different – I’ve been traveling trough the north of Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony searching – no easter eggs – but hidden, abandoned places. An exhausting tour full of surprises, thrill and excitement! Thanks to Y-OO-M for his hints and joining the last two days of the tour. It was a big pleasure!! The home page on [OOM] of the tour is THIS ONE. I have visited various places. As I don’t have another vacation of work up all the pictures at once, I will update this blog step-by-step. Here the fiest impressions: The first place I have visited was an abandoned lime plant: Another place during the …