Abandoned Graffiti

Abandoned Graffiti and Murales

On my abandoned places tours, I often find the works of unknown artists. On thos page a documentation of those graffitis – have a look:


My latest captures – trying to add photo arts from my side with a kind of til-shot lense. The photos where taken on a graffiti festival in Munich / germany – the DEADLINE (Facebook) festival. The tour, I did together with MITTELPOLHave a look to my works:



The next series are shots from Munich / Germany in some hidden backyards: “Graffiti and Murales II”



The follwing series is a mix of graffiti from Mexico, Italy and Germany. This photo realistic one (including the people!) I’ve found in a little village on the island of Sardena – Orgo Solo (Wiki) – Have a look  to “Graffiti and Murales I”



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