The green THING

  This big green thing and the other one in the green room, I have explored in an abandoned train depot in the east of germany. The machines are that big and heavy, I guess, that they are the only objects left in the huge facilities. Here the photos BBW-I and BBW-II I took the photos also on the ABANDONED places tour easter ’14.  

Rail Depot

This is a photo taken in an abandoned rail depot somewhere in the east of Germany. This special room has impressed me much: the moss like a green carpet, the hughe tubes al around the room and the abandoned chair in the impressive light. Here the photo series (part 1) H – I on OOM      

METRO Schwabing – R.I.P

  This is about a big supermarket for dealers, which is just beeing demoilished to build up a new quarter in Schwabing / Munich.The series espresses the colorful world of products which has been sold there before. Even when the building was empty at it’s last day’s some details, but mostly the incredible light early morning when I took the photos are repesenting the micro cosm present in the past years there. The color in  photo above is in fact just caused by the light from outside. The walls where grey. For this picture I have just saturated the existing colors. Ths photo above is in fact the same: The …