München / Munich / Monaco

I’ve started to work on a page about Munich: A mix with infos, history, videos and links about my home-town. Take a special attention to the chapter my view photos I took in different contexts. So far, the page is just the beginning with: | History | Quarters | Museum | Videos | Photos | my view | References | Enjoy… München / Munich / Monaco  


There is a exciting project beeing prepared right now an launched by 2016 March, 1st at 3:30pm Finland time and Kauppahalli in Joensuu/ Finland: Photos: WINDOWS TO THE WOLRD Project: WttW at Kauppahalli It’s an Photo, + Music- Arts – Embedded Electronics – Learning- Gaming Project in cooperation between:   Ubium (Project owener, Joensuu/ Finland) Sie-expressions (Graphic Design, Munich/ Germany) DINGS (Electronics, Munich/ Germany) D40OOM (Photos, Munich / Germany) Cassisb (Music, New York/ USA)  City of Joensuu / Finland Fear4Electronics Kuvanmaailma Joenkilpituote  

New LE4EL Project comming up: KULTF4BRIK (w.update)

As you might know, our photo-arts goup LE4EL observes and documents processes at placed from four different angles. Here is comming up now a opportunity: KULTF4BRIK in Munich – This multi-dimensional with location discotheques, bars, startups, studios, workshops, etc will be demolished in the next years to build – as usual in Munich – offices and exclusive appartements. We’re taking the chance to show in our project the exciding location as it is still present and furthermore observe the destruction. Here a first impression:  

bullaugenblues – LE4EL – Vernissage 16.12.2014

LE4EL will open it’s first exhibition with a vernissage on dec. 16th, 6pm in the Salon Irkutsk, Munich/Schwabing. The title of the exhibition is “bullaugenblues”. Why “bullaugenblues” (~lit. bull’s eye’s blues)  – what is the background? The story beginns in the 70th – In Munich / Leopoldstrasse has been built a futuristic amusement complex, the “Schwabylon”. In there a very special underground discotheque – the “Yellow Submarine”. It was a while the IN-location for the jet-set. The architecture, specially of the disco was very special: It was build 3 floors underground as a huge tank and kind of reverse aquarium. The visitors where inside and the waterside – just like …

Heinz’ bus

    This bus, I’ve seen today in Munich, close to the residence. It remembers be to old movies of Heinz Erhardt, such as “Das kann unseren Willi doch nicht erschüttern“. Not that I like this kind of stuff, but it represents a kind of awareness of life of that time… ( more new photos also in D40OOM.eu [C] )        

Tilt-Shift trials

I just came back from a trip to Japan with a ‘Lensbaby‘s ‘Control Freak’. This is a free adjustable tilt-shift optics with exhangable lens and aperture plates. It’s by far not usable for precise work, such as architecture photography, but is allows a wide degree of freedom for artistic works. Here two examples from of Munich’s Olpymic statium. The first one is a kind of classic tilt-shift style. The second one also, but more my style… Here a first series                              

METRO Schwabing – R.I.P

  This is about a big supermarket for dealers, which is just beeing demoilished to build up a new quarter in Schwabing / Munich.The series espresses the colorful world of products which has been sold there before. Even when the building was empty at it’s last day’s some details, but mostly the incredible light early morning when I took the photos are repesenting the micro cosm present in the past years there. The color in  photo above is in fact just caused by the light from outside. The walls where grey. For this picture I have just saturated the existing colors. Ths photo above is in fact the same: The …