München / Munich / Monaco

I’ve started to work on a page about Munich: A mix with infos, history, videos and links about my home-town. Take a special attention to the chapter my view photos I took in different contexts. So far, the page is just the beginning with: | History | Quarters | Museum | Videos | Photos | my view | References | Enjoy… München / Munich / Monaco  

Successful BAVARIA – Perlach

This is a new series in LE4EL Project EXPL4RE . About EXPL4RE: We are picking randomly a coordinate in Munich and visit the unknown place. The impressions there are expressed in a the photos series. About the series “Erfolgreiches BAYERN / Successful BAVARIA – Perlach”: As you might know, we are in t5he phase of elections. Each party tries to show its best. Bavaria thinks thinks, it’s the best state in the country: I’m showing the opposite with the example of Munich’s suburb Perlach.

abandoned BEER !!

like to try it…? I won’t, because the brewery was shut down in the mid of the nineties. I don’t know how this beer can still be like this and would like to know how it stastes….. This is about BEER BEER… (listen loudly !!!) This is a photo series in 4 parts of an abandoned brewery in Dachau / Bavaria / Germany. I have visited this brewery many times when it was still operating. Around there is a beer garden under huhge old trees – a lovely place. The beer was great and cheap (1l: 5:20DM). The brewery looks back to a history of more then 200 years. It …