ABANDONED places tour ’15 – THE HOTEL

This is the first post of a series about the latest ABANDONED places tour ’15 we did through the easter weekend. The 4-days tour was through the Jura souabe (Schwäbische Alb), Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in the south of germany and the Alsace (Elsass) in the south-east of France. We took photos from during laylight from 7 to 7, so it was again a really hard tour with a few sleep and some small injuries climbing over fences etc…

Here now the first series of THE HOTEL:


This is the first B/W series of the kitchen and the sallar:

This photos made it on FLICKR into the ‘explore’ and got about 10k clicks and 170 favs 🙂


Here is the series of the kitchen and the sallar in color (different photos):


And finally the entrance hall, restaurant and the bar:


This was just the first shot – much more coming soon, step-by-step.

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