bullaugenblues – LE4EL – Vernissage 16.12.2014

LE4EL will open it’s first exhibition with a vernissage on dec. 16th, 6pm in the Salon Irkutsk, Munich/Schwabing. The title of the exhibition is “bullaugenblues”.

Why “bullaugenblues” (~lit. bull’s eye’s blues)  – what is the background?

The story beginns in the 70th – In Munich / Leopoldstrasse has been built a futuristic amusement complex, the “Schwabylon”. In there a very special underground discotheque – the “Yellow Submarine”. It was a while the IN-location for the jet-set. The architecture, specially of the disco was very special: It was build 3 floors underground as a huge tank and kind of reverse aquarium. The visitors where inside and the waterside – just like a submarine. The windowes were bull’s eyes as you can see on the photos on our flyer below. After a few years of operation, the disco changed names a few times until it was closed. The surface complex was demolished a few year later, but the yellow submaring construction remained as a part of the Holiday-Inn hotel which was next to it. Last year (2013) the Holiday-Inn was also demolished in order to rebuild the whole quarter. LE4EL took the chance to pick of the last impressions of this famous place and it’s last sad days. More impressions have been collected on a facebook page of activists who wanted to keep it alive as a cultural monument.

As we have not been able to make an exhibition at the location itself, we found now the opportunity to exhibit in the Salon Irkutsk. This special bar lures people who might have lived their best time of the live in the yellow submarine….

I have documented the Holiday-Inn and the Yellow Submarine here, here and .

LE4EL has the intension to interprete a location or process from 3 different points of view by different artists. The exhibition will show the works of Jens, Helmut and myself. This is the link to the project page. The Exhibition can be found from december, 16th onwards also online.


Flyer Bullaugenblues_Finalfassung

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