abandoned BEER !!


like to try it…? I won’t, because the brewery was shut down in the mid of the nineties. I don’t know how this beer can still be like this and would like to know how it stastes…..

This is about BEER BEER
(listen loudly !!!)

This is a photo series in 4 parts of an abandoned brewery in Dachau / Bavaria / Germany. I have visited this brewery many times when it was still operating. Around there is a beer garden under huhge old trees – a lovely place. The beer was great and cheap (1l: 5:20DM). The brewery looks back to a history of more then 200 years. It was founded in 1791. The building and escpecially the beer cellars ~ 20mtr beneth the building in the rock of the mountain seems to be from that time. Unfortunaty it was closed around 2000, because the family seems not to be interested anymore. Now the building breaks down and the authorities of Dachau are planning to use the historic sallar as a under-ground garage.

Have a look to:

Part 4 comming soon….

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