LEATHER – news from the ABANDONED tour ’15

“LEATHER – an abandoned leather factory – barricated for children”

Why barricated? – it was a nice story visiting this place: Sunday noon, trying to find an entrance – making a loop around the complex – all windows and doors bricked; High walls and fences. No way in. We intendet to leave. While discussing that just infront of the building next to the main street, we saw a door open. Inside some noise. I stepped in and found a man in a dark room working. He was the bricklayer completing his work. I asked him why he does that and if we can enter the building. He mentioned in a broken german that he bricks the windows, “because of the children – every weekend the police must come and search them” … but if we want to enter – no problem. So went in took our photos and…suddenly the police was there outside. They complained, that the guy was working on sunday….

Here – as an appetizer – a small subset from this fascinating location:



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