Some days ago, I read an article in SPIGEL ONLINE about a little village on the island Sardena /Italy called ORGOSOLO. It is about the mafia and the local culture there. I have visited the place some years ago w/o knowing the mafia-background. What I found there were the outstanding graffiti – I’d better call the ‘murales’ as the mexiacans name their monumental wall-paitnings. Here a (bit strange formated) set of photos, I took on that topic

München / Munich / Monaco

I’ve started to work on a page about Munich: A mix with infos, history, videos and links about my home-town. Take a special attention to the chapter my view photos I took in different contexts. So far, the page is just the beginning with: | History | Quarters | Museum | Videos | Photos | my view | References | Enjoy… München / Munich / Monaco  


We have visited Norway during our easter vacation period and experienced a wide spread of different landscape, weather and activities. Here the photographic review of this outstanding trip in two sets: Water & Sky We had a small cottage on a little pier of a farm in the Arnafjord which is a side arm of the Sognefjord. Some of the photos have been take from our balkony, others during trips arouns that area. Land & Snow Even when the country is in a kind of hibernation during this time of the year still, there are many little interesting spots to observe. Impressive is the snowy landscape even already on 800m …


Some updates and new photo series on my WORLDTRAVELER page. In may ‘ 15 we have been for a few days in France: Romans-sur-Isère and the Vercors National Park. Some impressions here: Furthermore in September we have been in Eno/ Finland and the Patvinsuo Nationalpark.    

Volcán de Colima

Motivated by a Spiegel Online sequence just released these days about the’Volcán de Colima’ (3850m) I have browsed through my photos of the year 2007 and I’ve found my view of the volcano. I was sitting on the neighbour volcano, which is meanwhile extincted, the ‘Nevado de Colima’. The coordinates are: 19.540600, -103.613045. Here the amazing video about the erruption: Have a look now to my view which I had from the other mountain which is in fact the higher one (4330m). It can be seen in the video the background. I have visited this mountain in 2007 by car. That means, I was driving a bumpy and dusty 30km …

Finland – Kolovesi Kayak Tour 2014

Exciding kayak- and foto- tour in and around Finland’s national park “Kolovesi“. Abound 100km of paddeling in a bit more then 5 days in windy, rainy and sunny conditions. Find here a mix of beantiful photos as a documantation of my tour, the wild nature, the incredible light and sky.                            


In June 2014, we have visited the island of Madeira / Portugal in the middle of the atlantic ocean. This place is really unique: The little island of about 20x50km contains a bunch of interesting sights which are offering great scenes for photographers. Let’s start with some street scenes of a small village in the mountains taken during their cherry festival. You will see, that it is not only about those fruits: